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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Graduation, Getting a Job, Internet relationship...

Dear Mrs. G:

I have read your "Mothers Day Poem" carefully and got moved. I always feel that I own my family too much and just cann't wait to pay them back, financially-since we know we love each other.
I am very depress recently. I will graduate from Uni in July and havent got a job. Mum think that is because i didnt work hard in uni--she never believe in me. She asked me to take a postgraduate exam or some other exam to become governor in my country. But this is not life i want. I dont want political life or socalled smooth life--i want to be a freelance translator and travel to as many country as I can. Then I fall in love with a boy on line and he is not even in my country. I feel terrible. I am thinking I am gonna to lose everything...

Best wishes

Yours not happy muffin

Dear Muffin,

Real life decisions are very difficult. You sound like you love your family and want to please them but you are frustrated and stressed out with the uncertainty of what lies ahead of you. Graduation from the University was your goal for many years, but now that it is here, it is a bit frightening, because you will now need to use your education and begin your career. This is a difficult economy right now and there are so many more unemployed people trying to get a job. There is lots of competition out there for every job, but don't give up hope and keep thinking positive.

Most universities have an office that helps with placement of their graduates. Begin there and get all the information you can about how to write the best resume, and how to interview impressively. Be open minded about opportunities and send out as many resume's as you can.

Keep focused and continue your interviews and sending out resumes. Eventually you will get a job, so don't give up hope.

You mention that you fell in love with a boy online. With all you have on your mind, it is no wonder that you are feeling overwhelmed and depressed. It seems like an online romance of any sort should probably take a back seat to your most pressing needs and that is graduating and becoming employed. When the time is right you will find Mr. Wonderful!

My guess is that you have already made your Mum really proud of you for going through college and graduating. Once you have a terriffic job, I would guess that Mum will be very happy and forget what she wants and begin to see the joy you feel in your own chosen vocation.

I don't recommend online dating. There is alot of deception that goes on and you never really know for sure if the person you are chatting with is who they say they are. You have a very long life ahead of you that my best advice is to focus on your job, interviews, and then begin your dating with individuals that you meet face to face, and not online. Be very careful!

Keep Smiling, you have a great future to look forward to. I feel confident that you can do it!

Sincerely, Mrs. G

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