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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Crazy Economy, hobbies, Scrapbooking and more..

My husband and I are nearing retirement but with the down turn in the economy, we have been forced to make alot of changes. My husband has had to take on full time employment, because the clients he has served and done the work for, at home, have been dropping like flies. He has to travel quite a distance now, to go into work and back every day and it is really hard on him, but he has to do it or we could lose our home, and everything we have worked so hard for all these years. I also work part time, but would like to do more if my health would permit. What can I do to be of better support to him, as he comes home exhausted.

Getting older and more tired.

Dear Getting older,

If it makes you feel any better, and it probably won't, you can know that you aren't the lone ranger. This economic crisis has hit just about everyone in one way or another, and everyone is having to make great sacrifices to live. My greatest advice to you is something that I think you might think I am alittle crazy for suggesting. Go to a video store and rent the movie "Pollyanna". Yes, I said "Pollyanna". In fact, everyone who reads this blog should do the same. The reason for suggesting this movie is that the theme for the main character in this movie, is one who no matter what troubles, challenges, hardships and difficulties she faces, looks on the bright side of things. She made up a game called "The Glad Game" to deal with difficult issues. She is one who was handed hundreds of lemons and made them all into lemonade by adding some sweetness and sugar. If you don't remember the glad game, then I guess you will for sure have to rent the movie to find out!!!

All of us could wallow in self pity, and mourn our losses, but we are still alive, and you in particular have a home still. You husband is one of the lucky ones who was able to still get a job, even though it meant travel and not working at home. My guess also is that if you are close to retiring, and He secured employment, that means his skills were still marketable, and many senior aged individuals are overlooked for younger people in the business world. You should be cheering.

If you are working part time, that means you still have time to make him a terrific home made meal for him to look forward to at the end of the day. You can support him by keeping the house tidy and even give him a foot massage or back rub as he returns home. Let him know your gratitude for his diligence in taking such good care of you and make sure you tell him of your love and appreciation. Spend your evenings together and cuddle up beside him with either a good book or a Hallmark Chanel movie (you know the feel good movies that you know how they will end at the very beginning but you enjoy the ride) , but just be together. These are the kinds of things that will make a difference in his life. He will have alot to look forward to when he finally gets home if you do the kind and little things that you know he loves, and for sure all women know that a way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The key words are "HOME MADE" not eating out or instant anything!

Count your blessings, and not the gray hairs on your heads. Smile and be happy, and like Pollyanna, look for the good and the happy thoughts instead of the downside of what you are dealing with and I believe you both will make it through all of your trying times with flying colors.

Best wishes,
Mrs. G.
P.S. When I was googling to find a photo of the Movie "Pollyanna" I came across a blog that is worth reading the post that includes some of the same sentiments that I have expressed. Go to


Just a note from MRS G... For many of you who find yourselves out of work and with time on your hands, how about pulling out those hobbies that can be of value to not only relieve the stress, but let you feel like you have accomplished something. My favorite hobby is digital scrapbooking. I love to create pages that I do digitally so that I can share with my children and family, and don't have to create individual pages for them. What am I talking about... well you create one page digitally and save it and attach it to an email to all of those you thing might enjoy it too or would want to add it to their own scrapbook collection. They can then print it off for themselves, but it is you that created it. Scrap booking has taken on a whole new look thought doing it digital. When money is an issue, no problem with digital scrapbooking because you can download tons of freebie papers, elements, kits, etc, for free and you don't even have to purchase the products at the craft store. All you will need is your creative genius, digital downloaded collections and photo paper to print the, and you are on your way. I like to have my 12 x 12's printed at Costco, and if you want you can take your scrapbook pages and make photo books. If money is an issue, you can simply store your projects on a disc or on your computer or external storage to print when you can afford to do it, but in the mean time you have scrapbooked your photos and kept up with the memories. Good positive project!!!! I have a tip for you too.... if you go to, she provides daily tips of tons of free downloads to get your paper & product collections started. Happy Scrapping!

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